"Hi Gary, Debbie and I want to thank you again for the outstanding service, work and professionalism you provided us during our uncle’s estate sale. As a testimonial, we would without hesitation recommend Gary and Schiff Estate Sales to anyone needing assistance in the liquidation of personal assets for themselves or a loved one. Gary handled the inventory staging of the sale, donations of unsold items and total cleanup of the property. I would recommend and use Gary’s services at any time."

Thanks again, Gary!

~ P.K.


Thank you for making my recent Estate Sale easy. I appreciate it. You went the extra mile for me, a fact I shall always appreciate. You have a great crew working for you.

Best to you."


“Dear Gary,

Stopped by the house this morning and all I can say is WHAT A BEAUTIFUL JOB! I think you out did yourself on this one. The house looks like the day we moved in over 12 years ago.

If you ever would like to use me as a reference, don’t hesitate. Many thanks for a great job.”

~ Henry H.

“Gary took what was a hard time for me to go through and made it a pleasant experience.

He made it “fun” as promised and I was glad so many people had the chance to share in my brother’s collection. It was the best sale ever…”

~ Jolie B.

“I considered several liquidation firms before settling on Schiff Estate Services. Gary and his staff were knowledgeable, professional, and addressed every detail with care – even recruiting an additional specialist for a particularly challenging appraisal. I recommend them without reservation.”

Chuck F.

"Thanks for handling my father’s estate sale. It’s a difficult time, and you accomplished so much for us. You sure know your business! Your network of buyers and professional knowledge saved us a lot of time and ensured his estate items sold for the best prices possible. We were really impressed with how smoothly the sale went.

Your work partner – Jessica – was so helpful, caring and energetic. Thanks for stepping in for us in what otherwise would have been an overwhelming situation for us. We wouldn’t have known where to start. We’ll make sure to recommend your business if we hear of others with similar estate evaluation and sales needs. Wishing you all the best."

~ Anonymous

“I liked the fact that I didn’t have to decide how to set-up or what to keep or clean.”
~ Dave B.
“I was amazed at how efficiently all the details were taken care of. I came home from vacation and Gary had handled everything.”
~ Joan G.
“I have heard nothing but positive comments about your sales and services, cheers to you!
~ Barbara G.

I wanted to express my gratitude on behalf of myself and the other heirs to the “Z. Estate”. You and your crew performed exemplary service to us, I have expressed to others how your service was a “Godsend” to us. Had I been tasked to personally provide this service, I am sure I would be here a year from now. The sheer number of items, and my naïveté as to how to proceed were proving to be quite stressful. I can wholeheartedly recommend your service to others who may find themselves facing the disposition of a moderate or sizable estate while coping with the loss of a loved one."

~ Gratefully, Conrad Z.

“Thank you so much. You guys are number 1. We love you.”

~Karen and Ali

“Schiff Estate Services delivered more than I expected… great job!”
~ Tim E.

“You’re the best – thank you so much! I’ll come by tomorrow and get it. Thank you again."

~ Karen

"Hi Gary,

I just wanted to say thank you for your professional presentation on your website. The sales I have been able to attend in the Auburn/Roseville area are well organized, clean and fairly priced. I now realize how refreshing it is to just be informed about the items for sale, with no pseudo-psychological evaluation of the owner or their lifestyle.

A few weeks ago three of us attended a sale by (redacted) in Sacramento. As first-timers to we were surprised to find things not priced, and even more surprised at the totals she (and only she) quoted. When I blurted “wow, that’s a lot” she demanded to know my name and said she would delist me from her emails! So we walked away, with our money in our pockets.

I’ve never been fired as a customer before!

Best wishes for continued success in your Estate Sale business. We’ll be at yours when they are in the neighborhood."

~ Sincerely, T.T.

“Hi Gary and Danyelle too,

I just wanted to let you know we received the settlement statement with the check today. Thank you.
We appreciate everything you did to assist us on this estate sale. It was challenging for us being out of state, but you stepped in when we needed you most. We look forward to doing business with you again when we have another estate in your area.”

Sincerely, Gale R.

“Dear Gary,

Stopped by the house this morning and all I can say is WHAT A BEAUTIFUL JOB! I think you out did yourself on this one. The house looks like the day we moved in over 12 years ago.

If you ever would like to use me as a reference, don’t hesitate. Many thanks for a great job.”

Henry H.

“Dear Gary,

Just a note to thank you for the great job you did all the way around. Its difficult at best for people to divest themselves of memories and things that were important in their lives. I think that the sensitivity you show in performing your job is very helpful to people. I know it was for me. Again, many, many thanks.”


Henry H.

“Hi Gary

Thanks for the report and the statement – and all of the work you and your crew did.

It has been a little odd seeing my belongings first on your website and then on the list- having been sold for this or that amount. I’ve had to process the feelings but ultimately it has felt good and right to let it all go.

And I’m grateful that you came along to be the one to do that job for me. I very much appreciated your calm and professional demeanor. So, thank you very much.”

~ Susan K.

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